We welcome everyone to our club, from beginners to experienced players.


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If you would like to join our club simply pop in with your ID. Sign up is free, quick and easy, you can start playing straight away (subject to table availability).

Craneswater Snooker Leagues

Because of the success of our internal leagues we are now running four leagues. Promotion and relegation work as in football. A great way for members to meet other members in friendly competition. As more members wish to join we will expand the leagues accordingly. This has done wonders for the business and created a super atmosphere as members meet others they would not normally talk with. Members contact each other to arrange games using a WhatsApp - a godsend!

Portsmouth Leagues

The Portsmouth area has a snooker body called the Portsmouth District Billiards & Snooker Association who organise the local leagues and have various knock out cup competitions in which our players take part. Here at the Craneswater Club we have 1 team competing in the league this year, Craneswater A in Division 1.

Our Achievments

Craneswater A Summer Division 1 Winners: 2017, 2016, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2002 - 2008
Craneswater Q Summer Division 2 Winners: 2017, 2015
Craneswater R Summer Division 2 Winners: 2013
Craneswater Z Summer Division 2 Winners: 2012
Craneswater Z Summer Division 3 Winners: 2005
Craneswater A Winter Division 1 Winners: 2014 - 2019, 2010, 2009
Craneswater Z Winter Division 3 Winners: 2013